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Thanks to Bev for nailing the brief - BevActon.Graphics

The Perfect Serve

There’s no better way to enjoy a perfect serve than with somebody else.

Start with plenty of ice, a handful of dark berries, a sprig of fresh, crushed rosemary, add Reaper with premium tonic.

Having laid the perfect foundation, sit back, relax and shoot the breeze.

Don’t fear the Reaper. Drink with him.


  • Double measure of Reaper Gin
  • Premium tonic
  • Plenty of ice
  • Fresh berries and a sprig of rosemary to garnish

What the Experts Say...

A complex gin with the aroma of pine, rosemary, and hints of blackberry. On the palate notes of sweet berries and liquorice are followed by a long finish of orange and rosemary.

Gin with a Soul

Reaper Gin has a smooth and opulent flavour profile made from botanicals that have evolved over millennia. With classic juniper, dark berries and a hint of rosemary for your delectation, we give you a timeless, classic gin as dry as the reaper himself.

The Reaper Journey

The Flavour

Our priority was to create a premium quality dry gin. Working with our expert mixologist, Eleanor, and after much trial and error, we think that we have a gin the Reaper would be proud to lend his name to.

Guardian Angel

Fate played it's part. Quality, authenticity and history guided us to a single location. Reaper gin was made in the first still installed in Manchester, ironically named Angel.

The Look

Not only did it have to taste great, it had to look great.

Working closely with our artist, Bee, we have captured the iconic and unmistakable silhouette of the Reaper and his timeless presence.

The Product

We are extremely proud of Reaper premium dry gin. The team hope you love the taste and appreciate its quality as much as we do.

Thanks to all involved, you know who you are.